Whether you are an individual or a business owner, having a website can establish and enhance your brand’s credibility. However, have you ever wondered where millions of websites are stored? It is the fact that they are not physical objects like pens or pencils that can be stored on a shelf.

Servers are those dedicated spaces that can host websites or applications with ease. Hence, choose the best web hosting services to host with maximum performance. 

Thus, whenever you are dealing with websites or apps, you always require a good web hosting service. If you already have a website but are looking for a web hosting service provider to make your website accessible on the web. Buy the Best & Cheap Shared Hosting Plans India. MilesWeb is a trusted and reliable web hosting provider in the industry. 


Nonetheless, if you are a newbie to understanding how to host websites, this guide is for you. Keep reading this post to know how to host your portals with MilesWeb.

Know All About MilesWeb’s Web Hosting

Before you dive into the types and features of web hosting, let us understand the meaning of web hosting. 

What is Web Hosting?

To store and make websites visible to your visitors, you need to buy a server space to store all the website files and data. Your websites will contain text, images, technical files, JavaScript, and others. 

So, what if there is a problem or any technical hurdle occurred during the website browsing? Who will ensure these applications are visible all time for your consumers? 

Here, MilesWeb comes into the picture, offering affordable and reliable hosting plans with optimal technical support. Shared hosting, Managed/Unmanaged VPS Linux and Windows hosting, Reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting are a few services MilesWeb offers. Which plan is apt for you depends on the requirements of your website and budget. 

How Can You Buy Web Hosting from MilesWeb?

You need to consider certain factors when choosing the web hosting service provider. 

  • Understanding your website requirements.
  • Determining your server’s reliability.
  • Upgrading your server.

If you are worried or concerned about whether these features are available with MilesWeb or not, the answer is YES! They offer everything you need to get online and have a smooth hosting experience. 

MilesWeb hosts all websites on 100% SSD storage drives to offer you a super-fast speed. Besides, they also offer a control panel to manage your web hosting account. 

And if you are confused about which plan suits your web hosting requirements, their helpdesk panel is available 24*7 to suggest you the right web hosting plan. Connect with them via live chat or email for assistance. They offer services for businesses and individuals both.

Types of Web Hosting Services Available with MilesWeb 

MilesWeb offers you these web hosting solutions that you expect from a hosting service provider.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the perfect solution for individuals or entry-level websites. 

In this type of web hosting, single server resources are shared to host different web projects. Besides, the server’s resources like RAM, CPU, and other resources are shared among all users available on the server. Thus, shared hosting plans come at a meager cost that makes an ideal option for beginning stage websites.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is a web hosting service where users get complete control over the server. You can rent a server on a monthly charge basis and get full root SSH access. When you opt for dedicated servers, you don’t have to share the server resources with other users. 

MilesWeb offers you affordable dedicated server plans according to the needs of your resource-heavy websites or web projects. This hosting plan is suitable for higher-sized applications that generate massive traffic on their sites or demand more resources for smooth functioning. 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Web Hosting

A VPS hosting solution is the preferred hosting plan, comparatively low in price than dedicated server plans. It is ideal for website owners who do not require a dedicated server but want to meet quality standards. 

With MilesWeb VPS servers, a physical server is shared with multiple users but not the virtual resources like CPU, RAM, or SSD. Hence, it does not hamper the performance of websites or applications on the server.

Besides, this web hosting service provider offers managed and unmanaged VPS server hosting. It depends on you whether you require technical assistance from them or not.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a service offered by web hosting providers wherein it lets the person or business owner sell web hosting services as their own. Resellers rent out bandwidth, CPU, disk space, and other server resources with our 100% white labeled hosting solutions.

MilesWeb offers both cPanel Reseller web hosting and Windows reseller hosting service. Their reseller hosting plans are 100% white-labeled, wherein customers are allowed to sell the product under their brand name.  

Key Takeaways

Choosing a reliable web hosting service provider is not everyone’s cup of tea. Newbies require guidance to pick the right plan for their websites. MilesWeb is the right partner for you with the best web hosting plans. Choose a plan according to your requirements and get started now! 

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