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Top Link Submission Sites for OFF Page SEO

Looking for Submission sites for publishing articles and making links for your website or blogs then you are on a perfect place. We are willing to provide useful information to our user.

Submission sites for SEO

Whether you are a link builder or working as a freelance content writer or a digital marketer? Then you surely understand the value of link building and research and struggles of finding a good content submission site that can promote your article on internet popular sites. With the help of submission sites list you can make links easily on multiple sites, you can definitely makes good links with search engine ranking alongside increasing traffic.

Link building with submission sites, using the right keywords to rank right page, is one of the most effective off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to increase brand and personality awareness.

What is link Submission?

Link submission is the process of submit or publishing your link on a third-party website, within image, content, video, comment, any medium that targeted at generating high-quality backlinks to your page, blog or website. Dofollow link is kind of submission can improve your page authority, page traffic and increase the value of domain authority.

Link submission within content is also an integral part of content marketing (Video, Image, Media) , through which you can promote your content related to your business on renowned link submission sites.

Dofollow And Nofollow Links – What To Choose?

Backlinking is simply the off page SEO process through which search engine bots interlinks with different websites. Content marketers want link building this greatly by adding do-follow links to their blog pages or websites on the popular link submission sites in India. But what are these types of links do-follow and no-follow links?

Dofollow is the state of any link building process which allows a visitor or search engine to view again another website through the given link. They can improve your ranking in the search engine of Google results if your website’s linking  is do-follow links are available on other value of websites with higher domain value.

Nofollow links types don’t allow the search bots to follow your given link, thus, not playing any benefits direct role in impacting your site’s search engine results page position.

Once your content links with many sites and starts getting good exposure, your chances of getting result for those link is organic do-follow links also increase. Yet, most bloggers prefer do follow link submission sites for immediate results.

Key Benefits of Links Submission Sites

Link submission sites allow you to to start SEO link building off page SEO , and unique interaction with third-party websites for better impression in Google ,Apart from exposure, there are many additional keys benefits of opting for such sites, like:

  • Getting better crawling rate in search engine rankings.
  • Generate good links mostly free-of-cost marketing.
  • Establish your website off page identity as an expert in a subject matter.
  • You can get yourself good domain linking some genuine, permanent backlinks.
  • Your website traffic can also increase if visitors follow the backlink.
  • Thus improving the page rank as well.
  • In this age of social media sharing, viral content stands a chance of gathering numerous high-quality backlinks.

Are There Different Types Of Links Submission Sites?

One should note that there are many types of links you can build for link building.

Paid link insertion Submission

These sites charge you and insert directly your link to their pages for publishing your content as a nominal editorial fee. You can also post their link to your website.

Free link Submission

Self-explanatory, the free link submission sites allow you to insert links like Web 2.0 blogs without any extra charges free sites. You can push your link in multiple formats like image, text video, leveraging agenda here to enhance your page domain value and earn do-follow or no-follow links.

How to select good submission site for link building?

As a professional SEO marketer , it is given that you know all about good and bad links. Yet, to sum it up, here are a few things about links that you must look for in the best article submission websites:

  • The website should not have spam score with all the copyright laws existing in its geographical location.
  • Their terms and conditions are transparent.
  • If they are going to give you a dofollow link, the payment terms should be cleared.
  • They should let your backlinks stay on the visible on the page and post.
  • Confirm the total number backlinks of dofollow/nofollow that page have.

There are several other things determine while link building on link building sites. Do your research thoroughly several tools and before you send out the work of your efforts – your content – to any random website.

We have curated the best link submission sites list that every SEO marketer and developer creator should know about. Let’s get started!



A link building has a vital role in off page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Link submission sites are one of the most favored Off SEO techniques as they help user to build quality backlinks efficiently.

They support a two way link publishing and advertising

These sites help augment and crawl search engine for website ranking, increase traffic on your website, improve keyword ranking, low spam score and boost link popularity and brand visibility.

In any of the methods you use, link building with content is the most significant part of off page SEO for submission sites. As, without strong links, it is impossible to crawl website regularly. Therefore enhancing the link quality is essential, and link submission sites help to do that.

Jyoti Garg  is the Marketing Head of Logicpin Technology, a digital marketing company. He holds expertise in diverse fields. His 5+ year spree in this field has earned him clients, and their faith in his tactics. His intelligent strategies have put Logicpin among the leaders of Digital. A systematic approach, transparent processes and friendly mentoring have allowed him to prioritize and manage a work-life balance.

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