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Free Blog Submission Sites list for SEO

Are you new in SEO and looking for the highest DA free blog submission sites to get some quality links in 2021 for your website, you’re in the right place. As a blogger every blogger wants more traffic, more quality links and more sales. But majority of the start doing random work and people don’t put the right efforts to improve their SEO.

See, SEO is a good marketing way and free source of generate revenue on your website. what can its do for your own website specific activities is what helps you get faster results. SEO can boost your lead, sales, revenue, traffic at free of cost but more importantly your overall website’s sales.

Do you know the importance of guest blogging? Get on board with us in this blog; we will acknowledge you with some good facts about Guest blogging. It is one of the best and effective ways of doing off-page SEO; if you are one of the smart SEO executives, you must have tried your hands on guest blogging.

Brief before discovering the top blog submission sites: I’ve used DA (Domain Authority) as the web metric to write this article. Blog directories which have DA of over 30 DA so you can get some quality of good links. Also make a note that, most of the website directories mentioned here are few but quality sites and very few of the blog directories here are paid one’s, it means they charge you a couple of bucks to submit your blog.

Free Blog Submission Websites List for SEO in 2021 [High DA]

Quick note: All the above blog submission sites both free and paid have at least 40+ domain authority. DA (Domain Authority) is usually start measured by the quality and number of links and spam score that are pointing to your site.  So this top blog submission websites post is a great treat for anyone who wants to get high-quality links from top DA sites.

What are Blog Submission Sites?

Heading can help you better understand that blog a short piece of content can submit and store somewhere on internet directories known blog submission sites this allow you to submit your blog and/or your official blog posts so you gain more reach and exposure and build some backlinks to your sites.

200+ Best Free Blog Submission Sites List 2021 (High DA PA)

Although there are so many free blog submission sites for SEO out there which provide you a free submission of your blog but most of them are not active as its difficult to manage so many free sites for anyone or don’t have good domain authority. So it’s always better to research and publish your blog only good quality blog hence we are here with a free blog submission sites list so that you NOT need to submit your blog on random blog directory under the sun if you don’t want to get penalized by Google.

In this article you can find multi niche top 28 blog submission sites list for SEO with the good domain authority of over 00. So you can engage more safely submit your blogs on them to build some quality links for free.

What is blog submission for SEO and how to do blog submission for free?

Submit your Blog on a website called blog submission involves in  share a copy of content submitting that content blog with links or blog post links in order to get links, sharing content also create more exposure to your content link SEO benefits. Blog submission common task for backlink pretty simple.

High DA Free Blog Submission Sites list for 2021

All you need to do for website backlink improvement is to visit the sites (blog submission directory sites) where you can share content and want to add links, and click on “Add URL or Submit Blog URL” buttons in order to submission your blogs for free. Some of the sites provide author account for blog submission and some of sites provide front end enable for submission of blog do instant approval while others review your site personally before adding to their directories.

Blog submission sites for backlink: Are they really worth it?

SEO combination for both white hat and black hat So far you’ve discovered and research regularly for getting good backlink and content sharing platform for SEO. Some of the top free DA blog submission sites. Some of them are paid sites and with reciprocal link but most of them are usually free to submit. Now comes the role of blog submission for SEO another important question, are blog submission sites worth your effort, time or money?

Yes, undoubtedly the blog submission sites only good quality are worth your time. Here are a few quick reasons why I’m saying it.

Free: Most of the top blog submission sites like WordPress and blogger that you find on this page are FREE. So there’s nothing you’re going to lose by submitting your sites.

High DA: Each site that allow blog submission sites that you find here have a DA of more than 30 always give a good impact as backlink which can be really helpful to improve your SEO.

Quick crawling: These top blog submission sites always increase crawling capability of your website help you crawl your websites really fast whenever your site gets updated so they are helpful in boosting your SEO quickly.

Why Blog submission site good for SEO You Submit Your Blog to Blog Submission Sites?

If you are still wondering about generating backlink then you should spend time on submitting your content on multiple blogs on regularly basis the top blog always contain best content on this page you will get list of submission sites, let me give you few reasons. Here are few amazing tips of using blog submission sites even in 2021.

Backlinks: Whether you are new or know it or not, SEO is the free key to building any profitable blog or online website or online business. SEO is all about making building quality links. You REALLY can’t defeat your competitor in Google search results without building links. Blog submission sites help you build quality links for free.

Increase exposure: When you submit a blog on these top blog directories, it can give you more exposure and traffic. There are thousands of bloggers who use blog directories to find content online. So if you have an interested blog to read, it will bring you more traffic from these blog submission sites.

Increase DA: Domain authority website authority factor is a metric given by Moz team. It is one of the demanding metric and the high and more DA a blog has the better search rankings a website can get. Blog directories with quality links and in turn you will get a good DA with quality backlinks.

Do blog directories submission for SEO still matter?

Yes, they do. Blog submission sites with high DA are still a better way to increase your blog’s exposure. And as we know if we submit our blog or website on good domain authority blog directories, it can help more reach of content and boost website authority.

Who can do blog submission?

Blogger who like to write content and having a good writing skills can write blog and can do blog submission on various free blog submission sites is an ongoing process as you would have to write content and post the blogs regularly. You need to keep in mind about writing goods  articles while writing that your content should be updated informative and newly written unique to entice more and more readers and search engines. But what do these sites do?

High DA Blog Submission Sites help in making your blog visible to a huge audience. They help promote your blog; all you need to do is fill in some important information about your blog and submit them on these websites. These sites help in boosting the search engine ranking and the overall performance of your blog.

How to make a successful blog submission?

There are a few general steps that you would have to consider while make a blog submission. Let’s get deeper to started the blog submission example know how you can do it quickly:

Focus on your blog- Before submitting your first blog, check on your blog’s content quality. Ensure tend to write latest topics that your blog topics is unique and contains such recent information that attracts customers. If you can not submit a good written blog on the site don’t write lame content, you would also be able to submit it on the site, but the results won’t be that great.

Use the right details- When your content is ready to submit the blog to the web 2.0 or the blogging sites, you would have to check blogging site and fill a few details about your blog. Various information required about your blog like a short description, blog title, email, homepage URL, etc.

Fill in all the details according SEO and select the category of the blog post accurately. You can utilize yoast SEO plugin in description section of the blog to mention the purpose of the blog.

Confirm the submission- On usually all the web 2.0 blog submission sites, you would be asked to register on blogging sites need to confirm the blog by sending a link to your email before submitting. Do remember for activation you need to click on that link; a few people forget to impact the submission process.

Benefits of Blog Submission Sites

If used correctly it will definitely show a result, then these websites have good trust flow can help you in various ways. Remember that only should submit your blog to well trusted High DA Blog Submission Sites and not spam sites with poor trust flow blog submission sites. Here are some of the basic advantages of Blog Submission Sites:

Improves SEO- Keep writing and posting blogs regularly, you can provide a lengthy fresh and informative content on free blog submission sites to the readers. Search engines like Yahoo, Google to index first new content where you can use nice keywords to get more exposure on SERP.

Quality Backlinks- You need to know that white hat SEO is a vital tool for making a web 2.0 blog or online business profitable. Without good quality backlinks, it is really tough to dominate and get a good ranking on the Yahoo, Google search engine results page. These sites help your website to generate quality links without charging you anything.

Relationship Improvement- These sites have a good trust flow that would help you to connect with the blog readers easily as you can ask questions from bloggers, feedback, or comments at the end of the blog.

Boost Domain Authority (DA)- This is one of the most common prospectus of SEO which important as like on page elements for a blog or website. Google give priority and ranks a blog post that has high DA. The major benefit is to get quality backlink that it stays at the top of various searches. The Moz team gave the metric of Domain Authority.

Free Marketing-If your WordPress blog comprises latest information but you are on a low budget, the readers of community will share it with others. You can share your blog’s bitly link on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or email the information to others. This way, you are promoting your blog with free marketing for yourself.

Impact on SEO with Blog Submission Sites

This section has some basic SEO information at free it will clear the doubt if you are new in SEO and want to learn SEO with SEOshala. Here SEOshala has mentioned about few amazing benefits of using blog submission sites in 2021

Quality Backlinks

The entire SEO techniques tend to make quality backlink revolve around the opportunities to get high website quality backlinks to your new wordpress blog or online business website. Without quality backlinks and quality content, it’s almost difficult to get a higher ranking in Google search engine result pages. Blog submission sites activity is one of the best off-page SEO techniques to build quality links for free.

Boost exposure

Blog submission sites in 2021 with high quality domain authority describe website quality score a very important role helps to promote web flow offering you more exposure and traffic. While writing blogs, make rich snippet for the quality content, easily readable, and informative content.

Thousands of bloggers and writers as well as internet users come to the blog directories to find informative content online. If fortunately, they found your blog content and take an interest to read, it will create a great opportunity to make good website and bring you more traffic from these sites.

Boost website Domain Authority

Domain authority is one of the most demanding SEO factor vital quality factors for any blog or website. A blogger or blog post with high website domain authority is easily ranked by Google. Also, it stays at the top of the numerous searches.

It is a metric given by the MOZ website. Blog submission sites has a tendency to provide you with quality backlinks and in turn, you get high domain authority to your blog for free.

Why is free Blogging Important in SEO?

Majority of the bloggers and vloggers opt for guest blogging in their niche blogs. In, today’s SEO world, blogging and link building is getting more popularity, and it is the most common way to rank your website or webpage. So, to rank your site on Google, SEO experts adopt off-page backlink SEO techniques. Want to get high quality of backlinks? Blog posting is the ultimate strategy to gain popular backlinks. Give a shot; you will achieve success. What you will get is?

  • Free targeted traffic
  • Assist you in building a social media profile
  • Assist you in making your site credibility and portfolio
  • Improvement in page authority and Domain
  • Intensify your brand and gives more exposure
  • Build your subscriber base

Check out the guest blogging sites list and post your content.

Now the main question is how you will find out the instant approval sites, so we will help you out in this, check out below pointers:

How to choose the good High DA Blog Submission Sites in 2021?

However, you can search many free or paid blog submission sites out there but if you want good result you need to filter the list. The reason is most of them is find good sites cause most are not active or they don’t have domain authority and have low page rank.

You are recommended not to use spammy websites for blog submission. If you are getting links exchange from these low-quality sites, your site may be penalized by Google.

One more recommendation is don’t be over wheeled for SEO backlinks greedy for the backlinks and have patience instead. Don’t use all those blog submission sites which ask for a reciprocal link in exchange.

For your convenience, a list which is shortlisted some of the top blog submission sites after perfect filtering. All these sites are safe and guaranteed active and have high DA, PA, and excellent page ranking. With all these good quality sites you will get high-quality backlinks and hence natural traffic to your blog post or blog for free.

How to find Instant Approval Guest Posting Websites?

Before finding instant blogging sites, you must remember below points:

The content should focus your niche or category viewpoints.

You will find the blogger on social media platforms to get a quick response for your guest posting sites request.

You must check the blog readership and metrics

Google is the right platform to find out the list of blog posting sites. Below there are some important keywords that will help you out to accept the guest post. Do replace “Keyword with your Keyword.

Benefits of Using Free Blog Posting Sites 2021

  • Good Domain authority
  • Strong Backlink
  • Trust Flow
  • Generate revenue

High PR Dofollow Free Blog Submission Sites List 2021

Blog Submission Sites list for free allow you to submit your content for free . So you can make seo score good and gain more traffic and build some genuine good backlinks to your websites. If your  website is also a blog submission sites you can also submit your blogs or website on high DA Blog Submission Sites, it can help you boost your link authority.

Submitting your content only after well researched on top Dofollow Blog Submission Sites list 2021 promises high quality page rank of any website. Everyone looking for free DA blog posting sites list for make white hat SEO and get some quality links in 2021? If you are blogging for a while, you might already know the fact that, SEO Off Page Activity is all about quality links.

These are almost instant approval sites and well maintained Free Blog Submission Sites list 2021 for you so you can start doing self seo create quality back-link. Use these all niche Blog Submission websites and publish good content here for improve your business more as you want.

What are the best free blog posting sites for SEO in 2021?

Here are few best free blog post sites that are really good for SEO in 2021 and beyond.

  • Alltop
  • Blog Engage
  •  Boing Boing
  •  Plazoo
  •  Indiblogger
  •  Blog Adda

200+ Free Blog Submission Sites List 2022

We are working on this database and keep updating our webpage so that backlink with free blog submission sites can perform well.

Blogging is an important and easy off-page optimization activity; you can write and submit the blogs to blog submission sites, search engines, etc. This allows you to render and optimized new and fresh content to your readers regularly so that they keep visiting your website.

Free blog submission sites updated list enable you to submit your content or blog post-free. It helps increase the Off-page factor of SEO ranking with high PA, DA, and do-follow backlinks. These websites are a easy way to promote your blogs and business websites as well.

FAQs About Top Free Blog Submission Sites for 2021

Here are some of the basic questions about free blog submission list you might want to know how they implies and how you can get benefits from them in 2021 and beyond.

Are blog submission site good effective or bad for SEO?

Honestly speaking, blogging sites they are as good as getting good links from blog posting sites. As long as you submit your content on blogging site and blog links on high authority or high DA sites But as a SEO recommendation, limit your web submission to 10 to 15 sites instead of linking your blog links on almost every sites cause we never know that which site can be more spammy in future.

Is it okay to add blog on the blog submission directory sites that ask for a reciprocal link?

There’s no harm in adding reciprocal links but always giving backlink as a reciprocal sometime increase web spam score especially when your site is relatively new but you can avoid them as well if you don’t want to pass any links to external sites.

What do most blog submission directories online offer me apart from giving me a link?

Blog submission for SEO provides and blog submission directories not only allow you to add your content on blog also they links for free but they also allow you to add their link or badge as a widget for displaying on your site. That means you can add your blog exchange with your links and also vote for other blogs that you like to comment read and follow. Apart from that, you can also use free blog directories to find interesting blogs to read by going through their catalogue, web page display your blog’s feed on the front page and the list goes on.

Final thoughts about blogging best free & paid blog submission sites in 2021

As you read the article, blog submission sites for backlink with good domain authority (DA) can help you boost your website visibility in search results by giving you some good link juice. Not only that, you can make some quality link by increase your blog’s exposure whenever you publish new content.

So there you go. Those are the number of blog submission sites with 25+ DA in 2021. I hope you can write and submit your blogs on those blog directories to increase your website SEO. you can bookmark this page for future updates