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An Article for sharing content has a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. Article submission sites play important role but difficult to find on Google that’s why we are working hard to provide you the latest article submission sites list that are one of the most favored SEO friendly techniques as they help build quality backlinks efficiently.

With SEOshala its easy to find online article publication

They support a business to grow and reach more in publishing and advertising their content on article viewing sites.

These sites help augment Google search engine ranking, increase traffic on the website or Google, improve keyword ranking, and boost link popularity and brand visibility.

What is called to Article Submission?

Article submission is to be called a process of submitting a general content or a high-quality and unique content to the article directories in purpose of get some high authority relevant connection to that Page backlinks from them. This method generally used to build crossbacklink and to grow organic traffic.

Article submission in seo help to get more traffic

Article submission is a common way to get the  high-quality backlinks as we found article submission sites always updated content in a rich amount, pointing to your website or blog. Some article submission websites offer users to submit article regular or monthly and some article sites allow their users to comment on article in case of getting another author opinions  with few backlinks as a reference to their web pages.

Search for article submission websites on Internet

Article submission is a part of white hat off-page SEO, in which regular off page SEO activity works to make quality backlinks pointing to their web pages. By publishing your self-written articles to article submission directories, you can get as much as backlinks for your website or blog quickly.

You can find many article submission sites list on Google with high domain authority, page authority, and domain rating will help you to rank higher in different search engines faster. Article submission sites are a good source of reading lengthy content they will also help to increase user and increase the value of domain authority and page rank of your website.

Advantages of Article Submission Sites for your website SEO

In today’s time, companies want to grow for that they use numerous marketing techniques to increase the website’s popularity and grow organic traffic. Some companies go with media, some go with marketing ads some go with free of cost primary techniques used by them are SEO, Emails, social media marketing, etc. Techniques used depend on the market type of audience that the company wants to attract.

In any of the methods for promoting your company you use, content is the most significant part of marketing now a days for that we consider article sites. As, without strong content image, text, video any kind of content, it is impossible to draw people’s attention. Therefore enhancing the website or blog quality is essential, and article submission sites help to do that.

Top 10 Article Submission Sites

  10. taboola

What is the Importance of submission of Articles?

As we know content is kind of marketing when it’s about submission Article a most common activity for publishing content submission is one of the essential parts of the off-page SEO. Content submission or article submission is a good link building method to make quality backlinks. It helps improve SEO score to rank that particular keyword expert abilities and quality content on the internet and to get the backlinks as reference.

article websites also known as article directory

Using free article submission sites in 2021, When an article can explain everything about your product and services also give valuable data that will serve to increase customer trust and further help to establish a name or brand online.

It also helps to improve your domain authority and domain rating by building the appropriate backlinks pointing to your web pages within the content. It’s also the safest way via article submission to increase your brand popularity, sales, and revenue.

70+ Free Guest Post Sites with Dofollow Link

Here are some more tactics for finding article submission sites:

1. Free Internet Marketing: Most of the article submission enables your websites SEO you can add links that are directed blog within the article content makes your content rich and highlighted. This way, you can do basic white hat SEO will be able to promote your products with free marketing media. Plus, it would also help your audience to get your content on cross platform get more quality sites and authoritative links to your blogs.

2. Increases your online business credibility: Article submission sites or article directories also give you an option to describe about your website about yourself and your business through a small piece of author bio box at the bottom end of the body of the article. You can put the keywords in form of tags detailed description for advertising your brand services or products. In this box, you can also add a link back to your blog.

Article submission in SEO

Thus, if you submit your content on article submission sites or blog on a third-party blogging website and add an author bio with an external link or social medial profile link to your website, it helps increase the domain authority. This would benefit you and for online presence also it lets people know about your business.

3. Growth in Traffic: The links you add in the author bio box help boost your website’s traffic. When the article gets approved by the website owner, you can get high-quality conversion traffic to your blog. For getting more customers and viewers, you can share or repost the content on various social media sites.

4. Increase leads and sales: With the help of content sharing via article submission sites, you would generate sales quickly and leads to your blog.

What are DoFollow site Article Submission Sites?

DoFollow link within the article submission sites are the sites that allow organic traffic and search engines to follow an external web site’s link also known cross link to crawl like a search engine and force to crawl the same website where you are getting the backlinks.

DoFollow article submission website will help you to improve the general visibility of your websites or blogs in different version of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing in 2021. It will also help to increase trust flow for a business or brand online.

Points that make Article Submission Sites worth using

There are a more SEO things that make article submission sites outstanding, such as:

  1. Keywords: They are the center of the any content, as if you use well researched keywords properly, it can increase globally website’s reach. If you use good keywords it’s help to promote that category also, it can help extend your page reach.
  2. Matter: When you write, ensure that the content is unique and innovative. If your content is creative and engaging, people will wait for it, and the traffic on your website would definitely increase.
  3. Publishing Medium: If you put nice keywords well researched or keywords with high search volume and the content is also impressive and related to that keyword, but the publishing medium is wrong, all this would go in vain. Choose a medium where you found suitable reader and audience an excellent publishing page as it would ensure that your blog gets the right organic audience and your blog popularity also increases.

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List of Top Free High DA DoFollow Article Submission Sites 2021

You can try our article submission list which have high top free high DA, PA, and domain rating dofollow article submission directory to build high quality backlinks and to grow organic traffic in 2021.

Always find latest article publication sites

All the sites listed below offer cross DoFollow backlinks. All the websites have high page authority, domain authority, and PageRank itself and will help you to improve the domain rating and PageRank of your, free article website too.

Publish an article online free

So now you have to write content and start Article submission websites for link building have a look at some top free high PA, DA DoFollow article submission sites list you can use to build quality backlinks from them in 2021:

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Do you want to add your website here?

How does Article Submission work?

When you post content on another website your quality content to article directories, remember that you should follow content writing guidelines all the website’s terms and conditions. There are a few things when creating content that you should keep in mind according to SEO at the time of submitting your content to them, such as:

  • Use high-resolution graphics or images in the post.
  • Place a few backlinks in the post.
  • Follow the website’s policies.
  • Post unique and new content.
  • Select the correct category and tags.
  • Write SEO-Friendly page title and description.

How to Submit an Article in Article Submission Sites?

Submitting an article is can be easy and hectic as well depend on the types of website your choose for article publication on article submission websites is a pretty easy and straightforward process for most sites. Just go to the website, search for the login page, and signup. You can also log in through a third party because a few article submission sites offer login facilities through Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Once you signup, after that, you can start submit your article in the category it fits.

Steps to take after submission and approval of the article

As mentioned above, the registration process of writing article and submitting an article is quite simple but writing a good quality content is effort task but do not forget to follow all the guidelines. Once you get permission from the particular article submission site your article can be keep in reviewyou can increase your blog’s visibility by taking a few additional steps:

  1. The newly created backlinks from article submission you get from the article submission sites can be used to search engine submission sites.
  2. You can message or contact to author the newly created backlinks to get them Google indexed by numerous search engines quickly.
  3. Bookmark your major backlinks by using different social bookmarking sites and existing social media profiles as it streamlines the process of improving the blog’s visibility.
  4. It has been observed that people who doing online marketing prefer visual content more than the written content. Thus, recently, numerous short video submission websites launched that can help you convert the content into videos, and then you can submit it on the website.

These were some of the significant SEO benefits of these websites; hence it is recommended to follow regular these steps as they can have a considerable impact on your website’s visibility.

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What are DoFollow Article Submission Sites?

These websites enable Google search engines to follow an external website’s link to slither like a Google search engine moves slowly to the same website where you get the quality backlinks. Article Submission sites also websites help increase your online website/blog’s visibility in major organic search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. There are many free High DA, PA DoFollow article submission sites that you can use and avail yourself of benefits.

What are High DA Article Submission Sites?

These newly launched websites have a high value of domain authority given by Moz’s algorithm based on security, traffic, backlinks, trust flow, age factor, and domain. They have a great impact on Google search ranking if you can get a few backlinks from them.

Always publish article on High DA article submission sites

High DA online websites are valuable for improving the search visibility of your web pages on Google search engine results pages. Even if you get one backlink from a high DA quality article director, it will help you to increase the value of the domain’s authority and website ranking in search engine result pages.

There are a lot of way to publish content on free article submission sites, while some of them are chargeable and many of them are free of cost. Here are some of the best sites for article publication which have been created after doing a lot of research:

  1. As the name suggests you can understand, it is from Google. It is a well-known site and search engine itself and has a lot of users because of its excellent work in technology. You can do link building for webpage, add quality content and substance to your blogs with the help of this article submission site, and that too free of cost.
  2. It is one of the top coding technical article submission sites, and the good part is that it has an worldwide user and excellent rating. Users are keep contribution of coding with this website as they offer great features. The free article submission sites published under technical development coding here usually get many audiences, which is why people keep contribute and choose this site over others.
  3. This website is mainly known its paid content promotion. On this website, the readers can get a wide variety of paid content to read. Therefore, this website only for those who want more audience in less time is suitable for both marketing activities and content promotion. Their audience base is also good, plus the next part is that it is not free of cost anymore.
  4. It is a press release article platform, plus it also sometime enables free articles. This is not a free site but; they charge a small fee of $2 to publish content. They also help the user provide content written by there own team to publish the content on more than 2000 pages. The nice thing is that as the user continues to keep purchase more credits, they get the option of getting not free article submission at cheaper rates.
  5. With My article, you can here publish the content online. It has numerous special categories; therefore, it offers complete snap room for acknowledging the user’s articles.
  6. This website is used a lot by new readers and authors. The site mentioned above and Articlebiz are pretty similar like other article submission. It offers an exclusive database of trending articles and has a vast customer base too.
  7. The significant benefit of this website is that you would publish your content on numerous websites. They have a database of a list of articles with several categories.
  8. This is another trending top free article submission site for creating and sharing startup, economics blogs and stories. It provides its users with a great coin collection feature wherein they can combine numerous articles or focus on one topic.
  9. With the help of this evergreen article submission site, you can create microblogs about product and services and assist users in sharing content with a network of content publishers. The primary benefit of this site is that blogs can be created very quickly.
  10. This platform comprises the thought content in question and answer format. Their key motto is to help end user grow and share knowledge worldwide. If you opt for this site, it can be very helpful for student and person who looking for action taking suggestion on internet beneficial for you as it is one of the best sites for targeting the right kind of audience. Plus, they also offer abundant backlinking opportunities as well.

These are free article publishing sites are best for SEO

These top websites can also help you to create brand business opportunities and build customer relationships; want to know how? These were some of the trending article submission sites, but just submitting blog posts would not help generate relationships or create followership.  Building relationship by your product with customers takes time, and it is only possible if you regularly contribute to a website and share your knowledge.

Business opportunities from Free article submission sites in seo

If you have a long-term business plan with your website, then you need to be consistent with the regular guest posting which provide trust flow. If your content is well-researched and informative and can create solid relations with article submission sites, it can drive people to contact you and search for your website.

Plus, the more quality blogs then guest posting sites you will write and post on these sites, the more other sites would recognize your writing skills as a field expert and start sharing your information widely on behalf you. This would help to increase your author credibility, and more readers would see you and follow you. Therefore, in the future, if people need any of such kind of products or services, the first name that would come to their mind would be yours.

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Improving the positioning of websites and growing website organically has become very challenging, but with the consistent improvements and with the help of search engine quality algorithms, it has become relatively easy. Along with the big companies or startups, bloggers and individuals need to implement the right marketing strategies.

Dofollow article submission sites list

Free Article submission sites and quality trusted backlinks are some of the most efficient and effective off-page SEO techniques incorporated in SEO. Using these good quality sites would help enhance your website blog’s popularity and visibility. The best part is that it is free dofollow article submission sites list, a white hat SEO provides enough traffic which means that you can improve the website search engine ranking without paying anything.

Submit Quality Content on Best Article Websites

We always looking for the best either online of offline while we spend time on the reading articles we want it should best. Keep your article goal-oriented. Free Article submission sites provide quality backlinks and provide more readers these articles’ websites are some of the most efficient and effective off-page techniques incorporated in SEO. Using these sites

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