Visual-based content has always been one of the key elements for marketers, and even in this digital age, they pay huge attention to marketing their brand and product using visual storytelling. And hence, Instagram stands as the favorite platform for businesses to market their products.

According to stats from Instagram, there are more than 200M business accounts (Source: Business.Instagram) on the platform. That is mostly two major reasons: Firstly, it provides a huge audience for the business and helps them boost their reach beyond the local and geographical boundaries. Secondly, it offers various features through which businesses can spread their message and capture more audiences. 

And as we talk about various features and mediums to express, the platform keeps evolving and provides different methods for the users to express themselves. And another addition made by the platform was in 2016, where it introduced: Stories.

Since it made its appearance on the platform, it created quite a buzz. Some users appreciated it, while others complained about the concept being copied from other platforms. But since then, it has come a long way.

Now, most users welcome this update as it provides great help to increase views on their content and assist businesses to market their products in a better way. Moreover, businesses are now actively embedding Instagram stories on websites to extract more benefits.

As businesses are now utilizing this update from the platform. Here are some amazing marketing strategies that you can use to capture more audiences and boost your brand’s reach.

Amazing Instagram Stories Marketing Maneuverings

With the ease of the internet, there has been ample content for the audience to consume, and therefore, they have less attention span. Hence, we have seen short-duration videos getting popular in recent times. As it is less time-consuming for the viewers, people usually prefer viewing them. Other than that, you can also use stories for various other announcements. Here are some amazing ways that you use stories for your marketing. 

#1 Reshare Stories 

There can be times that due to the Instagram algorithm, your content might not reach your target audience or potential customers, and that can affect your marketing goals. Instagram Stories provides you a great facility where you can reshare your previous posts. And as stories get first place on the Instagram feed, it is more likely that your followers get to view them.

You can also use this feature to share the post with other users. That post can be related to your business or any quote. People usually like to read inspirational quotes that motivate them and hence provide you with great traction. Or you can even share memes. People provide a lot of traction as these types of content are entertaining, engaging, and grab the viewers’ attention. 

#2 Post polls related to your brand

Stories also provide you with a great facility to interact with your audience and followers, one of which is polls. You can post polls related to your brand or anything related to recent topics. It helps you know your followers better, and hence based on your analysis, you can prepare your marketing strategy and plan strategies or products.

You can even contest a poll asking the preference or choice of your visitors. And based on that poll, you can shape your projects and make them more likable for your visitors.

#3 Link your website 

If you have more than 10k followers on your Instagram account, then it has an amazing facility to provide a swipe up on your stories. Instagram does not allow its users to post links on the content they post as the platform does not favor people leaving the platform. Hence, it provides this feature in its story mode.

On the swipe up, you can provide your website link and divert your followers to your website as well. It provides a sneak into your online presence and, at the same time, might increase traffic on your website. It can eventually increase your brand recognition and might help you in generating sales.

#4 Embed Instagram Stories on the website 

As you can divert your Instagram followers and audience on the website to provide a sneak into your online presence, likewise you can even use stories to provide a sneak into your Instagram presence. Confused, allow us to untangle:

You can go through some simple steps on how to embed Instagram stories on website. There are many social media aggregator tools that provide you with the facility to showcase stories on the website. By displaying Instagram stories to your visitors, you can strengthen your Instagram presence. Your visitors get a sneak into Instagram accounts and have the option to follow you there. Another amazing advantage of displaying the stories on the website is that it enhances the visual appeal of your website and makes it more appealing to the visitors. It eventually can help you to build your brand’s reputation.

#5 Share short duration videos

Instagram Stories has a duration of 15 seconds (source: businessinsider). You can make great use of this time. For example, you can use this mode to upload the teaser of your upcoming projects. It can create hype for the release, and Instagram stories get the top position on any Instagram feed and hence captures more audience.

Ending Note

A smart marketer uses the maximum use of the provided resources. Undoubtedly, Instagram is an influential social media platform that provides a great audience and a stage for businesses to market their products and brands. It provides some amazing features to spread your desired message and capture the attention of your target audience.

Instagram Stories are one of the features that help you in achieving more audience for your business. By adopting the strategies, you can gather more followers and boost the reach of your brand. So, go ahead, try these measures today and watch your business grow.

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