While 91% of online businesses were using content marketing in 2020 not all are getting same or good effect from it. If you’re disappointed by your blog’s traffic, this is common you aren’t alone.

To be honest, you should survey some website those businesses simply have expectations that want too high traffic – anticipating every post to go viral. However, if you are working on your blog and found that aftber couple of months of blogging you’re still only doing basic blogging task which is not worth reason receiving a handful of views, it may be time to do something high quality changes. You can learn all about all marketing areas of content with our content marketing course.  

In the meantime, the following list of marketing shares six reasons are describing here why no one is reading your blog. Chances are, if you want blog traffic and you are working good on this traffic is miniscule, you’re making one of these mistakes.

1. Your blog doesn’t have a relevant focus

The Goal is main role prides itself in providing unparalleled we give digital marketing insights and advice for ranking and getting traffic – both through our courses and on the blog.

But what would happen if you visit our website arrived at our blog next week to found that we had written about best music show in world. Regardless of your personal search preference toward them, you’d probably be a bit surprised. After all, you think we are digital marketing school and you came here to learn marketing strategies, not music listing tips.

The crux of the marketing matter is this – if we began producing and writing blog articles on random, inconsistent topics which is not belong to us every week, we’d quickly lose readers. And rightly so!

If your blog traffic is struggling for getting right audience the first question to ask yourself is: Does the website and blog offer content that people actually want, on a regular, reliable basis? While one great an article can drive traffic to your site, it won’t necessarily that user read our content retain those visitors. The purpose of your blog posting should be to establish yourself as a thought leader on a specific topic for user to be problem solving. Know what that topic is – and focus on it exclusively.

2. Your content simply isn’t good enough

Gone are those days when people could write a blog post in 15 minutes and rank at the top page of Google. With the plethora of random vs high quality sources and a multitude of well researched content channels available today, readers aren’t willing to learning and put up with mediocre content, nor do they have to.

If the focus of your blog is set and move on track, then take a look at the content quality of your content. Does your blog provide value-add is this up to date, or is it just rehashing what people can learn elsewhere on internet? Would you actually think that you subscribe to a blog, or would you consider it a waste of time?

Poor quality blog posts can rank but also can turn customers away – so give your readers something which is not consider as waste of time worth reading! If you can’t invest enough time when writing to post daily, transition to a weekly or bi-weekly publishing according to calendar. It’s better to produce one high-quality piece in a day than 10 embarrassingly cheap articles.

To improve the quality of your blog, consider taking seo or marketing consulting our quick guide or, if time is an issue, hire a freelance writer to develop content for you. Just keep remember that high-quality content is not going to without come for pennies. You’re better off paying a guest premium for one exceptional blog per month then buying a cheap post every day.

If you do your website blogging right, the money and time investment is worth it. Content marketing costs usually 62% less than traditional marketing and generates a custom about 3 times as many leads. so you Invest in content more time in fewer articles, develop thought own leadership content, and watch your following grow.


3. You don’t have SEO in mind

Do you remember, back in the time today, when you would start searching our click on the top Google search result only to find a rewritten or spammy blog post full of ads and absent of content value? Back then, digital marketing consisted of right keyword stuffing your blog posts to trick to search engines. Even if the article was showing completely incomprehensible and worthless, the search of right keyword strategies would get it to the top of search results.

Fortunately that isn’t the right case anymore. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for blog is more important than ever. While social media strategies work for social media platform only can give a post short-term bumps in traffic, the long-term, residual traffic only keyword goal will come from ranking high in search results.

Although this can’t be done within a fix time or overnight, there are a few seo things you can do to improve the blog SEO score of your articles and blog posts.

Start by including long tail keyword phrases in titles, subheadings, and within the text. If someone searches on Google for “ways to improve my blog traffic”, a title called “9 Ways to Improve keep Your Blog Traffic” will usually place higher than a title like “A Blogger’s start their Journey Towards Discovery and Growth”. Sure, the first title isn’t as creative, but Google search engines know that it will help the reader. Write your content according SEO for people and Google.

Use tools and plugins of WordPress to help monitor and improve your content’s value SEO. One great freemium tool for free WordPress users is the Yoast SEO tool, which is recommended and used by thousands blogger of top bloggers. The plugin for keywords can tracks your keyword usage across titles, within the text, and on page images to improve your content’s chances of being ranked well in search engines.

Next, boost the traffic of website to the blog post through social media, internal links on your own website, and external links from other authority sites. If you’re writing about any topic and high quality content, people will naturally want to share it – but you can do boost your visibility by about us or contact us page for contacting industry influencers and sharing your new blog post with them. If it would be very useful to their online audiences, they may very likely mention your site in one of their future blog posts.

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