Unlock Your Potential with Our Digital Marketing Course

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey

into the world of digital marketing? Look no further! Our comprehensive Digital
Marketing Course is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and
practical experience needed to thrive in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Digital Marketing Course Key Highlights

Live Sessions across 6 Months
: Immerse yourself in interactive live sessions led by industry
experts, covering the latest trends, strategies, and tools in digital

Hrs of Self-paced Learning
Access our extensive library of self-paced learning modules, allowing you to
learn at your own pace and convenience.

Industry Projects and Case Studies
: Apply your learning to real-world scenarios through hands-on
projects and case studies, gaining valuable insights and practical experience.

Months of Applied Learning
Dive deep into the intricacies of digital marketing with six months of
immersive, applied learning, ensuring you develop a comprehensive understanding
of the subject.

from IIT Faculty and Industry Practitioners
: Benefit from the expertise of our esteemed faculty members
from the prestigious IITs, along with insights and perspectives from seasoned
industry practitioners.

: Tailor your learning
experience to fit your schedule with flexible timings for live sessions and
self-paced learning modules.

Free Upgrade
: Stay ahead of the
curve with lifetime access to course materials and updates, ensuring your
skills remain relevant in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

: Receive personalized
mentorship and support throughout your learning journey, guiding you towards
success and achievement of your goals.

1. Transform Your Career with Our Digital Marketing Course

Embark on a
transformative journey towards a rewarding career in digital marketing Course with
our comprehensive course.

2. Master the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course

Gain a solid
foundation in digital marketing Course principles, including SEO, SEM, social
media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

3. Elevate Your Skills with Hands-on Experience in Digital
Marketing Course

Apply your learning to
real-world projects Digital Marketing Course and case studies, honing your
skills and gaining practical experience that sets you apart in the competitive
job market.

4. Career Services with out Digital Marketing Course

Our Digital Marketing
Course career services team is dedicated to helping you achieve your professional
goals, offering guidance, resources, and networking opportunities to support
your career advancement in digital marketing.

Ready to take the first step towards a
successful career in digital marketing? Enroll in our Digital Marketing Course
today and unlock a world of opportunities!


Digital Marketing Certification Course FAQs


Can I learn Digital Marketing Course Online?


Yes, anyone who is looking to learn the basics of Digital
Marketing can take this program, irrespective of the mode. This Digital
Marketing Online Program by Intellipaat will provide you with the knowledge and
expertise to crack high-paying jobs.



Can a fresh graduate get a job after completing this Digital
Marketing Course?


Absolutely, any graduate with no prior industrial experience
can get an entry-level job after the completion of this Digital Marketing
Course. On completion of the program, you will earn a certificate to validate
your knowledge.



Can I get an entry into IT by doing this Digital Marketing

Yes, you can seek employment in the IT industry after
finishing this Digital Marketing Course by Intellipaat. You can secure
entry-level jobs in Digital Marketing or similar industries if you have the
necessary qualifications and a compelling resume.




What are the job opportunities after completing this Digital
Marketing Online Course?

Content Marketer

Email Marketer

Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital Marketing Manager

Social Media Manager

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Expert

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Mobile Marketing Specialist


What are the qualifications to become a digital marketer

To be a digital marketer, you just need a bachelor’s degree
from any field and a zeal to learn. There is no such pre-requisite for pursuing
this Digital Marketing Course, you’ll just need a device with a stable internet
connection to master Digital Marketing.




Will this Digital Marketing Course be useful to grow my own
business or my family business?

Yes, this Digital Marketing Course will be useful in growing
your own or your family business. Almost every individual is connected to the
internet. This program will teach you various Digital Marketing case studies to
help you make strategic plans for your own business. The industry experts or
mentors in this program also have 12+ years of experience to help you solve
your business queries.




What is the salary of Digital Marketing Coure specialists
around the world?

The average annual salary of a Digital Marketing specialist
in India is ₹546,000. In the US, this figure is US $86,766,and in Australia, it
stands at A$82,500. In Canada, the average annual salary of a Digital Marketing
specialist is CA $56,275. In Poland, the figure is 73,250 z, and in the UK, it
is £44,250. In Germany, the average annual salary of a skilled Digital
Marketing specialist is €41,239.





Which tools will I learn during this Digital Marketing

This Digital Marketing Course is a complete package for
Digital Marketing tools and technologies. You will get an insight into Digital
Marketing tools such as:


Google Analytics

Google Webmaster

SEO audit tools

Google Ads

Social analytics tools

SEM tools




Is it worth doing an Digital Marketing Course Online
Certification Course in 2024?

Yes, a Digital Marketing Course holds great value in 2024.
The demand for a Digital Marketing is increasing day by day. According to
Goldman Sachs, the scope of Digital Marketing is going to reach US$160 billion
by 2025. So, learning the required skills from a reputable institute with the
IIT Roorkee faculty is a quick and effective approach to expanding your
understanding of Digital Marketing.





How do I become a Digital Marketing  course specialist?

To become a Digital Marketing specialist, you must first
start with the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. You can then start working in
some of the subdomains of Digital Marketing, such as SEO. Try to practically
execute online campaigns, and then move to the final step by enrolling in a
Digital Marketing Online Course that will validate your skills and help you
clear job interviews.





What is in the career mentoring session in digital marketing

Career mentoring sessions offer professional guidance to
learners. Intellipaat’s team conducts mock interviews, resume-building
sessions, and other career and job preparation activities. These sessions are
spearheaded by mentors who have proven expertise and experience in related





Where and how can I access the contents of this Digital
Marketing Course Online?

After enrolling in the Digital Marketing Course, you will
get access to flexible learning live sessions and lifetime access to self-paced
learning material. All these will be available to you in the learning portal
that will be provided to you after your enrollment.





What industries use Digital Marketing course the most?

The industries using Digital Marketing the most are
fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), healthcare, fitness, entertainment,
education, retail, automobile, and travel. You will easily get Digital
Marketing jobs in these sectors.





Does Intellipaat provide live classes or pre-recorded
Digital Marketing course Online Training videos?


This Digital Marketing Course offers both—45 hours of
instructor-led program and 40 hours of self-paced videos. Intellipaat provides
customized learning with an industry-level learning management system (LMS).
The online classroom program involves flexible timings and 1:1 doubt-clearing
sessions—you can attend as many batches as you want for your lifetime.




When and how will I receive my Digital Marketing course
Certificate once I pass the exam?

Once you complete all the projects and assignments and pass
the exam, you will receive Digital Marketing Certificate There you will find a
download option. You can also share your certificate either through email or



I am unable to access the Digital Marketing Course. Who
should I contact?

In case you are unable to access your learning content, you
can reach out to your learning manager or contact us through the details
provided on our website.





Does SEOshala offer any practice tests in this Digital
Marketing course Certification Training?


Yes, As a part of our online Digital Marketing Course, we
provide one practice test that will help you become familiar with the questions
that may be asked in the certificate exams and the format of those questions.






How does Digital Marketing course help in growing a


Digital Marketing can help businesses grow in the following


Digital Marketing can help businesses expand geographically.

Connecting and communicating with customers is easy from
anywhere in the world.

Digital Marketing is affordable and easy to use compared to
traditional methods.



Why sign up for SEOshala Digital Marketing Courses

the best Digital Marketing Online Courses with placement. In
this Digital Marketing program, you will become proficient in all the tools and
technologies involved in the field of Digital Marketing, such as SEO, crawling,
SERPs, on-page optimizations, etc





What are the most important and free Digital Marketing
course resources for learners?